How to Open Neteller Account in India?

Are you new to the concept of Neteller? Well, then this guide will help you learn about the service. Neteller is online money (e-money) transfer service that is used for safe and quick money transfer from and to merchants including:

  • Betting Bookmakers
  • Forex Trading Companies
  • Social Networking Companies

With the help of this e-service, you can withdraw money either using a Net+ card directly or transferring the balance to your account.

Neteller has joined hands with the best and reliable betting websites in India which processes your funds in lesser than 24 hours. So if you like online gambling then open a Neteller account and get started.

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Required Documents to Open Neteller Account

To open a Neteller account, you require some documents like you need to open other accounts. Below mentioned are the documents that will help you create an account with the online money transfer service:

  • Either Passport or Driving License
  • Your updated Bank Statement for up to 6 months
  • Passport Size Photo

Step By Step Neteller Account Opening Process

It takes just a few easy steps to open a Neteller account in India. Just follow the step by step guide and get started.

1. Visit Neteller Website

First of all, click Neteller and visit the website. After you have opened the Home Page it will show something as in the screenshot below. As you can see there is a button on right at the top Join For Free. Click on the button for signup.

Remember sometimes this button shows in the middle of the screen as shown below.

Say for example I have clicked on the button and it landed me into the registration page as shown below:

2. Fill Sign Up Form

Once you are taken to the Registration Page fill up your details which include:

  • First Name – Your First Name like mine is Puja
  • Last Name – Your Last Name like mine is Choudhury
  • Email Address – Your Email Id. I have given mine
  • Password – Enter your Password with 1 in Upper Case, 8 Characters along with 1 number or Sorry I am not going to share my Password but I can show you the other way like Abcdefghi9*

Click on Register Now and then opens up the following Dashboard.

Put your registered email and password which you given earlier steps and press Sign In and then opens up following Dashboard.

Select your country as India and Currency as Rupee (If you deal in other currencies then add accordingly) and click on the Save button. You will be taken to the following Page.

Fill in all the details as shown below

  • Date of Birth (DOB): Add your Date of Birth in the first column as specified (MM/DD/YYYY) as (09/23/1985). The date should be the same as given in your original documents and Bank Account.
  • Gender: The next column is Gender. There will be two options given in the Dropdown list. (Male or Female)

Select the option. Being a Female I have chosen this option from the Dropdown list.

  • Address: Mention where you live or the Address given in your original documents and Bank Account. This will include:
  • House No. – XXX
  • Road – XYZ
  • City – Kolkata
  • Province – West Bengal
  • Pin Code – 700028

Mobile Number: You should enter the Contact Number given in your Bank as a personal record like XXXXXXXX88

Once you have filled in all the details there will be a check box asking permission for Notification Alerts from Neteller and withdrawing any offers through Account Settings or Unsubscribe Emails.

If you want to get the aforesaid details, click on the checkbox to tick.  And then click on the Continue button.

You will be sent a verification code on the mobile number you have given. Enter the code. Click on the Verify button. And then create a secure id as 123456. This is done for security purposes.

Click on the Save button and your account is secure.

3. Your Account Created

Finally, you can see your Account with ID and other details as shown in the screenshot below

This is the entire process of how you can open a Neteller account in India and other countries as well.

Note: At this stage your account is Unverified you can make transaction though but in case of withdrawal you need to verify your Neteller account in India

4. Sign In Now

To get started with Neteller after the registration process, click on the website again. Now click on the Sign In button on right at the top. It has been reflected through the green colored background.

You will be taken to another page including:

  • Email Id or Account ID: Enter the email id with which you have registered like mine is Or you can enter via your Account ID XXXXXXXXX1234 of Neteller.
  • Password: Enter the password that you have given during the registration process as Abcdefghi9*.

 There will be a checkbox again in which you will be asked “Remember my email or Account ID”. If you want the Neteller to remember your Email Id or Account ID then click on the checkbox or else simply ignore and click on the Sign In button.

Then another page opens up asking for your preferred Verification option on your mobile number or mail address.

I have opted for Mobile Number. Then click on Next. Enter the 6-Digit Verification Code XXXXXX and you will be taken to your Dashboard as shown below

On the left side, you have all the options like:

  • Account
  • Money In
  • Money Out
  • Money Transfer
  • History
  • Rewards
  • Calculator
  • Settings
  • Support

Click on the option you want and proceed further.


Although the process to open a Neteller account is quite simple yet it takes good time and patience. But you can congratulate yourself to use the Neteller account for safe and fast online transactions. You can use the most common payment processors such as:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Paysafecard
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer

The charges can vary. So get started!