How to Verify Neteller in India?

Now that you have registered into Neteller  (if not Read How) you will have to pass through the verification process for security reasons and loosening your account limitations. Additionally, you have to verify your Neteller account for making withdrawal from Neteller to Indian Banks and transfer to other account. So, you may already find out how important is it to verify.  Following every steps under the verification process is much important. This will not only help to maximize your account but also let you enjoy secured transactions with the process. Here is how you can verify the Neteller account.

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Step By Step Description Of Different Verification Method

There are 3 different ways to verify a Neteller account. Have a look at the step by step guide to going through the process.

Verification Through Your Mobile Number or Email ID

Step 1: Sign In Page

No sooner than you log into NETELLER and click on the Sign In button. You get the following page

Step 2: Fill Up The Details

  • Give your Email ID as or your Account ID as XXXXXXXXX1234
  • Enter your password as Abcdefghi9*

Then click on the Sign In button.

Step 3: Verify Through Mobile Number Or Mail

Once you Signed In you will be taken into the next page shown below

Either click on your Mobile Number as XXXXXXXX88 or click on the next checkbox for email id as d*** Whichever you select Neteller sends you a verification code. Enter the code and click on Next to get into the dashboard.

Step 4: Account Summary

The following screen appears in front

On the right side of the Account Summary page, you can see the Unverified button under Account Status.

Step 5: Verify Your Account With KYC

Once you click on the Unverified button you will be taken into the following page

As you can see in the picture you need to Fund Account first of all by clicking on the Go to deposit button and then you will be asked to submit KYC.

Step 6: Submit Your Documents

Click on Verify ID and submit your scanned copy of Passport or Driving License as ID Proof and upload it as shown below

Then the next step is to upload your Address Proof. Click on Verify Address and upload your document i.e. your updated Bank Passbook.

Step 7: Summary

Finally Summary shows the details of your entire verification process as shown below.

Then click to Go To Dashboard and that’s it. You are done!

Verification Through Email

This is an easy process to verify the Neteller account by email. Please follow steps give below

Step 1: Open Your Gmail Account

First, open Gmail and Enter your Email ID and Passwords like and Abcdefghi9* respectively as shown below.

Step 2: Send Your Documents Via Email

Click on the Compose button in the left corner. A dialog box opens up on the right side.

  • In the To field type the email id
  • In the Subject field, you can add Document Submission
  • Add Body with Neteller Account ID (mandatory)
  • Attach scanned copies of your documents like Passport, Bank Statement, Photo, etc and then click on the Send or click Ctrl+Enter button together. You are done.

Regular Neteller Verification

As a part of the regular verification process following process is followed.

Step 1: Login To Your Neteller Account

Once you have logged in into your Neteller Account click on Find out More from the blue banner on the top.

Step 2: Upload IDs

Upload your ID Proof like Passport or Driving License. Upload both sides of the document.

Step 3: Click Selfie & Upload

Either click selfie using your mobile app or webcam and upload it on Neteller.

Step 3: Upload Address Proof

You can upload either Bank Passbook or an Electricity Bill on Neteller and complete your Address verification process.

This is how you can verify your Neteller account in India with a regular process and it takes your account around 1-2 working days for fully verified upon successful photo IDs upload.