How to Verify Bet365 in India

You are in this stage means you have completed the registration process at bet365. It lets you withdraw funds from the website but only after the verification process gets completed. Here I will show you several ways on how you can verify your account at the online gambling company.

Step By Step Description

A. Verification Through Know Your Customer (KYC)

Passport Verification is one of the simplest ways to verify your account at bet365. Have a look at how you should do it.

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1) Visit and login

Visit the homepage of bet365

No sooner I have entered my Username and Password for Login than they have given me the option to verify now or later. I will select the first button Verify identity

2) Know Your Customer (KYC)

Once I clicked on the Verify identity button they have opened a new window for KYC. They have a 2-Step verification process for security reasons. And they would prefer different documents for every step.

In Step 1 when I clicked on the Upload an Identity Document button they have taken me to the next page the screenshot of which I have shared here

Choose the one you have. I opted for an ID card that I had already scanned and saved on my laptop.

The next one is the Upload Your Supporting Documentation button clicking on which I came across the following

As you can see they have given the option of Birth Certificate only in the dropdown list. Click on the option and then select the Submit button.

Clicking on the third button Email Supporting Documentation they will take you to a new page stating some important information. Read carefully

In Step 2 complete the verification process. Again click on the Upload an Identity Document button and you are taken to a new page like the one shown below

This time I have used my Passport as a document for uploading. Go back to the KYC Page and click on the Upload Your Supporting Documentation button. See what I have got from the dropdown menu. I have selected the Bank Statement and clicked on the Submit button again. You can choose other documents such as:

  1. Credit Card Statement
  2. Council Tax Bill
  3. Landline or Mobile Telephone Bill
  4. Utility Bill

Finally, click on the Postal Verification from the KYC Page. Type Your Pin Code and if you want to change your Address information then you can do that by clicking on the Change Address Details button. Or else click on the Submit button.

Your Verification process gets completed.

B. Verification Through Email

This is again an interesting way to verify your account at bet365. Here are the steps stated below:

  • Either send your Photo ID or Passport being issued by the Government to their Customer Support at   
  • I am using my rediffmail So I will mention the process accordingly. But in other email ids, the process may differ a bit to send their mails respectively.
  • Login in to your mail account like I used my Username and Password to login into my rediffmail
  • Click on the Write Mail option and then enter the mail id (stated above)
  • On the Subject, I have mentioned Document Verification
  • Click on Attach and link the documents
  • Write something on the Body. Also, mention your four-digit security number XXXX in the Body
  • Click on Send

The verification process takes around 2 days.

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