How to Verify Bet365 in India

You are in this stage means you have completed the registration process at bet365. It lets you withdraw funds from the website but only after the verification process gets completed. Here I will show you several ways on how you can verify your account at the online gambling company.

Step By Step Description

A. Verification Through Know Your Customer (KYC)

Passport Verification is one of the simplest ways to verify your account at bet365. Have a look at how you should do it.

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1) Visit and login

Visit the homepage of bet365

No sooner I have entered my Username and Password for Login than they have given me the option to verify now or later. I will select the first button Verify identity

2) Know Your Customer (KYC)

Once I clicked on the Verify identity button they have opened a new window for KYC. They have a 2-Step verification process for security reasons. And they would prefer different documents for every step.

In Step 1 when I clicked on the Upload an Identity Document button they have taken me to the next page the screenshot of which I have shared here

Choose the one you have. I opted for an ID card that I had already scanned and saved on my laptop.

The next one is the Upload Your Supporting Documentation button clicking on which I came across the following

As you can see they have given the option of Birth Certificate only in the dropdown list. Click on the option and then select the Submit button.

Clicking on the third button Email Supporting Documentation they will take you to a new page stating some important information. Read carefully

In Step 2 complete the verification process. Again click on the Upload an Identity Document button and you are taken to a new page like the one shown below

This time I have used my Passport as a document for uploading. Go back to the KYC Page and click on the Upload Your Supporting Documentation button. See what I have got from the dropdown menu. I have selected the Bank Statement and clicked on the Submit button again. You can choose other documents such as:

  1. Credit Card Statement
  2. Council Tax Bill
  3. Landline or Mobile Telephone Bill
  4. Utility Bill

Finally, click on the Postal Verification from the KYC Page. Type Your Pin Code and if you want to change your Address information then you can do that by clicking on the Change Address Details button. Or else click on the Submit button.

Your Verification process gets completed.

B. Verification Through Email

This is again an interesting way to verify your account at bet365. Here are the steps stated below:

  • Either send your Photo ID or Passport being issued by the Government to their Customer Support at   
  • I am using my rediffmail So I will mention the process accordingly. But in other email ids, the process may differ a bit to send their mails respectively.
  • Login in to your mail account like I used my Username and Password to login into my rediffmail
  • Click on the Write Mail option and then enter the mail id (stated above)
  • On the Subject, I have mentioned Document Verification
  • Click on Attach and link the documents
  • Write something on the Body. Also, mention your four-digit security number XXXX in the Body
  • Click on Send

The verification process takes around 2 days.

How to open Bet365 Account [INDIA]

Denise Coates founded Bet365 Group Ltd (which is popular as bet365) in the year 2000. The company is an online betting company having its operations in the UK (United Kingdom). She holds majority of the shares and acting as Joint CEO of the company with her brother named John.  

 The online betting company provides betting to their clients for sports and casino games. Apart from having its headquarters at Stroke-on-Trent in England they have offices in different other countries such as:

  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Gibraltor
  • Malta &
  • Manchester

Till 2020 they have total of 4,000 employees. The company operates through their Hillside trade name bet365 and carries out all their operations under the same. 

Required Documents to Open Bet365

ID Proofs


Driver’s License

PAN Card

Address Proofs


Driver’s License (If it includes your Address)

Bank Statement

Utility Bill (Postpaid Mobile or Internet Bills)

Note: For ID Proofs, you need to upload any ONE of the aforesaid documents mentioned. And for Address Proofs any TWO of the documents mentioned.

Source: Trade Hindi

Step By Step Details Account Opening Process | Bet365​

Step 1: Visit Their Homepage

Click HERE to visit bet365 India and you will find following page

Step 2: Click On Join Now

The next step is Click on Join Now which is highlighted with yellow background in the front or simply on the option Join given in the right side on the second top corner (also highlighted in Yellow Background). You will find following page

Now see it is not too tough to create an account at bet365. However you need to have lots of patience as the online gambling company pays attention to every detailing than many others which is a must thing during the registration process.

Step 3: Fill The Details

I am going to show you how to go ahead and create an account at bet365. Just take a look patiently.

1) Country of residence: You don’t have to do anything here as they have already set the country’s name India by default.

2) Title: Under Title 3 different options will be there which are:                                                                                                          i) Prefix: From the Dropdown Menu choose an appropriate option from , Mrs., Ms. and Miss

       ii) First Name: Type your First Name like mine is Sonai.

       iii) Surname: Type your Surname like mine is Dev.

3) Date of Birth: Put your Date of Birth selecting it from the dropdown Menu like I have entered mine i.e. 23/September/1985

4) Contact Information: Enter you contact details as bet365 asks for:

       i)  Email address: Enter your Email ID for me which is sonaidev15@*****

       ii) Contact Number: Give your contact number. I have given the number which I use always i.e. +91 89XXXXXX

5. Choose how you receive your offers: Here you will get 4 different options to receive alerts from the online betting company. Near each option you can see two other options showing Yes & No

As you can see above either you can select all in Yes or any ONE or TWO as per your preference. Choose the one you like. I have opted only for alerts via my Email ID and for others I have selected No.

6) Address: Enter your complete Address in the options like I have shown below:

            i) Address line 1:              N. Sen Road

            ii) Address line 2 (Optional)

            iii) Address line 3 (Optional)

           iv) Town/city:         Kolkata

           v) State/region (Optional): West Bengal

           vi) Postcode:         700XXX

  1. My Temporary and Permanent Addresses are same. So I have used only Address line 1. If both are different for you then you can use Address line 2 and Address line 3.

    1. Username: sonaidev
    2. Password: PuXX@1XXXXX
    • Confirm Password:              PuXX@1XXXXX

7) Create Login: This is what we have been waiting for long. Have a look here how I have done:

  1. Username: sonaidev
  2. Password: PuXX@1XXXXX
  • Confirm Password:              PuXX@1XXXXX

Choose a Username for yourself with a strong Password containing One Capital Letter, One Small Letter with a Special Character and a Digit. Then confirm the Password that you have typed.

8) Security: There is a caption showing – You will need to quote a four-digit security number when you contact us.

        i)Four-digit security number:                        XXXX

        ii)Confirm four-digit security number: XXXX

Avoid easy numbers such as 1234 or 4321. Enter a four-digit number that is not easy to crack but you can easily remember.

9) Preferences: The Time Zone and Odds display are selected by default as GMT+6 and Decimal respectively. The Bonus Code is optional. If you want, select or otherwise just skip the option.

At last click on the check box stating that you are 18 years old and you have read, accept and agree to their terms and conditions. Then finally click on the Join bet365 button

Step 4: Your Account Gets Created

See you will get the Notification showing Account Created.  Congratulations and be ready to place your bets for sports.

Simply login into the homepage with your Username and Password and start betting at once.

It just takes few steps to create an account at bet365. Only thing is just follow the instructions mentioned here following the steps thoroughly. Just ensure that you have entered all the details correctly as you will require supporting documents for verification purpose. You should have all essential documents nearby.

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