How to Bet on Cricket in India?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Cricket enthusiastic are everywhere who look after their idols. The sport is known for its strong connection and exceptional high energy during the game. It is one of the entertaining sports that bring joy and happiness when people see their team winning the game.

The immense success of the Cricket sport has given birth to online betting. The betting in Cricket sport has become a crucial aspect of the game. In the past, the betting was done in a close room where few people used to gather during the game. They used to place their betting on different phases of the game. 

But today, online betting has changed the realm of cricket sport in India as well as Asia. Big and small bettors from all over the world join the online betting system to put their betting. India has become one of the top cricket betting markets in the world. I am going to tell you here how can you bet on cricket in INDIA. Let’s get started.

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Step 1: Register with a bookmaker

There are several bookmakers available in India. First step in the process is choosing a reliable bookmaker. Most reliable bookmaker currently in India is Bet365, Betway, 1Xbet, 22bet, Unibet and so more. Bookmaker is a renowned name in the online betting industry. Anyone can register with the bookmakers and start betting in no time. They offer a wide range of services, advanced betting systems, and plenty of facilities to the users. The registration process on the Bookmaker is quite simple. The bookmakers will give you access to your profile where you can check your bet, winning bets, reports, and manage your fund efficiently.

Additionally, Bookmaker offers various facilities to the members such as live betting results, mobile betting facilities through the app, reports, etc. These features will make your decision strong, and enable you to earn big. Your attentiveness during the gameplay would determine how much money you take home back. Bookmaker assures the best betting facilities that you have never imagined.

Step 2: Verification with Bookmaker

The verification process with the bookmarker would be different based on where and with whom you are operating. However, the process may not take much time. The bookmaker would ask a few questions and may require you to submit the identity proof before your signup for the betting. The bookmaker work with genuine people who assures timely payment. During offline betting, the bet is placed offline where the betting is done through the call. The bookmaker would not accept any bet until they recognize the person. 

Once the bookmaker has authentic information about your identity, address proof, and bank details, the bookmaker will create your account in their system. You will be assigned the user id which will be your identity with the bookmaker.

Your bookmaker account will not be activated until all the verification process is completed and approved by them. Generally, the account is open within 24 hours.

Step 3: Select a bankroll size

All betting personal needs to pick a bankroll size before they start betting in the real market. The ability to manage your bankroll positively would result in a good return in the long run. 

Being a successful sport better would demand the strength to produce a consistent return throughout the betting season. Picking your bankroll would allow you to analyze the overall return before and after the game. The bankroll management assures that you are profitable in sports betting and getting good perks. It would be difficult for you to manage your fund without having a proper system in place. 

Experts suggest you should never go overboard when it comes to betting. Grid and emotional attachment would be risky in the world of sports betting. Pick the bankroll size, which is excess fund in your bank account. Even if you lose all the money in the betting, it should not affect your financial position. 

Step 4: Deposit into Bookmaker

Once you are done with registration with the bookmaker, the next step is to deposit the fund. The bookmaker requires you to add advance money for betting. Each time you place the bet, the money in your account will be deducted. The money directly goes into the betting market where it is locked until the final result of the bet.  

You can deposit money in your betting account using the following options.

  • Credit Cards
  • Cheque
  • Debit Cards
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • UPI
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • ecoPayz

The fastest and reliable way to deposit money that is widely used in India is the NETELLER, Cheque, Debit, and Credit cards. However, the options may not work with some bank’s credit or debit cards due to its limitation. Some banks block the transaction on Betting and Casino places that are involved in gambling. In the worst case, the payment will be declined during the process. Among them NETELLER is the most reliable and convenient one in India. So, check with the bookmaker and take their advice on transferring the fund.

Step 5: Place a Bet

There will be many betting options given to the bettors by the Bookmakers. Each Bookmaker will have its unique setup with a wide range of betting options. There are three options that you will find common on all the betting sites. 

Session: The number of runs of the team during one session or over consider for the betting. 

Win/Loss: Team who wins or loses the game. You can put the money on your favorite team, and if that teams win, you will be rewarded with the predefine betting prize.

Toss: Toss plays a crucial role in the game. You can bet on the toss before the game. The wise decision would make you a winner.

You should know the rules of the betting options offered by Bookmarkers. Analyze every aspect of the game before deciding to place your bet. 

Step 6: Wait for Outcome

Generally, the result is declared a few hours after the game is over. Some Bookmakers provides real-time result facility based on the online application. The facility will be different from Bookmaker. You should confirm the result duration before placing the bet. Accordingly, place the bet and wait for the final result.

Step 7: Withdraw fund and manage your bankroll

The bettor is given freedom to manage their bankroll fund. You can withdraw the fund whenever you want. Place the request with your Bookmaker and they will arrange the payment. You should always withdraw the access fund above the bankroll amount to stay earning in the long run. 

Enjoy and Have a nice betting!!